The Michael Anthony Ultimate™ Rejuvenating Body Treatment
This total body treatment begins with a gentle body brushing, sloughing away rough, dry and dull-looking skin. Next, warmed towels infused with aromatic essential oils are used to cleanse the body. A purifying seaweed masque is applied, and you are then wrapped to aid in detoxification and nourishment of the skin. A hydrating facial masque and stress-relieving scalp treatment complete the rejuvenating experience. 

90 minutes $125

Caribbean Therapy Body Treatment
Rejuvenate with the aromas of the Caribbean. Dry exfoliation, seaweed body masque and total body massage detoxify, calm and renew in this island-inspired ritual.

60 minutes $120

Essential Back Treatment
A customized back treatment that focuses on cleansing, exfoliation, extraction (if desired) and massage.

60 minutes $90

Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Wrap
Renew body and mind with a revitalizing dry body wrap that cools and stimulates with essences of rosemary and peppermint. Skin is smooth and softened, the senses awakened.

60 minutes $90

Aroma Body Wrap
A deeply relaxing, aromatic heat treatment that rids your body of everyday toxins such as smoke, pollution and the effects of an unbalanced diet. A dry exfoliation is followed by a full body application of our warmed, customized massage oil blend. You are then enveloped in moist, heated linens and a cooling compress is placed on the forehead. The result is soft, hydrated skin and a complete sense of well being.

30 minutes $60

The Aroma Body Wrap is not recommended for pregnant women or people with high blood pressure.

Body Masques
Body masques are moisturizing treatments that begin with a body brushing to eliminate surface impurities. A warmed, customized organic mixture is then applied to the body, resulting in soft, smooth, hydrated skin. A stress relieving scalp massage is included.

45 minutes $70

Seaweed Masque
A masque blended with organic ingredients that are highly effective in detoxifying your skin while supplying it with necessary minerals.

Herbal Masque
A moisturizing organic masque that is ideal for dry skin and is extremely calming to sensitive skin types.

Full body exfoliating treatments that stimulate circulation while refining and smoothing your skin’s texture. Customized with your choice of essential plant and flower oils, both include a shower, after which the skin is re-hydrated and replenished with a pure plant lotion. Ideal before a massage.

30 minutes $60

Body Polish
A blend of walnut shells gently exfoliates even the most sensitive skin.

Salt Glow
Utilizes Dead Sea Salts which are known for their detoxifying and hydrating benefits.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer pre-natal services for massages and body treatments.

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